COVID-19 UPDATES 18.03.2020

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Dear Members,

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as the Club navigates this uncharted era regarding COVID-19.

We continue to field vital updated information hourly/daily and we will continue to keep our communication channels open to ensure you are as best possible across the club’s position and actions at this challenging time.

The wellbeing of our members, staff and visitors is of paramount importance to the Wantima Country Club. The following information is provided to help ensure that our normally golfing activities can continue for as long as possible.


  1. Per announcements today, the Club will manage a head count to ensure our “clubhouse guest count” sits at <100pax (ex of staffing)
  2. A COVID-19 committee formed to keep abreast of daily developments and guide decision making with respect to our policy and operations
  3. Additional soaping stations available from the club’s bathrooms
  4. Static notice board to be erected outside club entry for hard copy information updates to be posted
  5. Friday night Member’s Draw is STILL ON with safety practices in place for card draw handling
  6. Friday night “snacks” are cancelled indefinitely
  7. Friday night “dining” is cancelled indefinitely
  8. Thursday poker groups to the club cancelled indefinitely 
  9. Sunscreen, combs, share items removed from toilets
  10. Temperature checks conducted on our schooner/wine glass washer ensuring 100% sanitation from use-to-use 
  11. Turning off every second gaming machine to keep social distancing between players
  12. The club’s staffing has been split into two teams per department
    1. Limits interpersonal exposure amongst teams
    2. Only half not all staff to 14 day isolation if/when a positive COVID-19 outcome occurs  
    3. The GM sitting out of either team as a third level of independent coverage and/or support to either team
    4. Rotation shifts/time of day implemented to limit team cross contamination


    1. It cannot be stressed enough to wash your hands on entry to the club
    2. Ensure for a minimum of 20 seconds (see example following)
  2. Bar/bistro purchases;
    1. Please pay via credit or debit card to limit cash handling exposure
    2. Any member ball count credit payments, simply quote your member number, not share your card
  3. Please BYO hand sanitiser to assist the club’s loading and the short supply (if possible)
  4. No handshakes, hugs etc a simple nod or g’day to greet each other
  5. Practice social distancing;
    1. Keep 1.5m from your fellow member/guest
    2. Cough into your elbow or shoulder


The COVID-19 subcommittee will continue to collaborate information as it comes to hand and update the club’s best practices and operations to members are known to us. 

Should you wish to provide assistance to this committee, please be sure to reach out to the General Manager.

We thank you for your understanding at this time. 

Marcus Sullivan
General Manager
0447 303 074

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