Eagle Badges

Published on 7th April 2020 in Uncategorised

Eagle Badges:

Currently we have run out of Eagle badges. They were ordered some time ago but the supplier is having issues

getting stock as they are sources from China. They should arrive soon


Members, there are a great amount of Eagle badges sitting in the office for collection.

If you have scored an Eagle since January 1st this year and haven’t collected your badge then could you please

phone the office between 9am and 4pm to organise a time to collect it, or call in Mon-Fri during those times.


If you do not wish to collect your Eagle badge then please contact Andrew (admin@wantimacountryclub.com.au)

So that your badge can be returned to the stockpile to be reused.


All Eagles, up to and including Saturday 4th April, are available for collection.

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