Club Policies and Code of Conduct

These policies and directions are in place for the enjoyment of all that attend Wantima Country Club. Please respect and consider the Golf Course, fellow players, Members and Staff, so that everyone enjoys their round of golf and receives a welcoming experience.

Failure to comply with these policies and directions, may result in you being asked to leave the course, suspended from Wantima Country Club or loss of membership as defined by the “WCC Code of Conduct” below.

Wantima Country Club – Code of Conduct

Course Etiquette

No one is to play on the course without checking into the Pro Shop first, this is both a safety issue and an insurance issue to cover injury and accidental damage.

Players are reminded that audible bad language and bad behaviour will not be tolerated, either on course or in the Clubhouse.

All players must carry a sand bucket and repair divots and pitch marks caused by the player.

Rakes are provided and players must repair bunkers of all play and foot marks and leave the bunkers in a smooth condition.

Maximum of four (4) players per group, unless otherwise stipulated by event or Official direction.

If you hit a ball in the direction of other players or suspect other players may be in that direction your are to call “FORE” in a voice loud enough that they will hear. It is also advisable to include direction (eg: Fore left, fore green/tee). 

If you have hit a wayward shot and your ball is on another hole, you are to wait for the players playing that hole prior to playing your shot, it is at the discretion of the players playing that hole to allow you to play first.

If your group falls behind the group in front (see Slow Play below), and you are holding up the group behind, call them through.

Single players on the course are to give way (allow to play through) to all other group players. If a single player catches another single player, the faster player is to be let (play) through. If a single player is playing multiple balls (Maximum of two (2)) and is caught by another single player, they are to stand aside and let the player through or cease playing multiple balls.

At no time is anyone to practice on the course, that is to hit multiple balls, from a tee or position on the course to a green. Practice rounds, or playing a few holes is acceptable, keeping in mind the conditions of a single player above. As are the conditions of play within specific competitions eg: Match Play.

Slow Play

Please keep up with the group in front, that is staying one shot behind. Where possible allow shorter length players to hit first. If you are ready to play your shot and can play it safely do so, regardless of your turn to play. Locate your ball, prior to helping to look for another players ball, if you can play your shot safely do so.

How to improve your slow play – can you find 15 seconds?

Use of Motorized Golf Carts

Motorized Golf Cart Usage Policy

Follow the direction of all signage.

While using a motorized golf cart, the whole cart (all four (4) wheels) are to stay on pathways where provided, if no pathway is provided, the cart is to stay in the rough cut of the fairways. If there is a requirement to traverse a fairway the shortest route across it is to be taken. Motorized carts are to remain fifteen (15) meters away from all greens and bunkers and three (3) meters away from all Tee boxes, unless on a designated pathway.

Wet Conditions

Motorized golf carts are not to drive through wet patches of visible water. Stay on areas that are dry. If you are leaving tracks, you are damaging the course.

Do not drive on or across fairways, stay on the pathways where provided or on the rough cut of the fairways where pathways are not provided. 


Anti Discrimination Policy

Harassment Policy

Victimisation Policy